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2741 Bernville Road Leesport, PA 19533 • P: 610.926.0500 • 641 Penn Ave. West Reading, PA 19611 • P: 610-484-3700
2741 Bernville Road Leesport, PA 19533 • P: 610.926.0500 • 641 Penn Ave. West Reading, PA 19611 • P: 610-484-3700

Where Style and Design Meets Functionality

  • May 8, 2024

    Employee Spotlight: Cole Boyer

    So far in our Employee Spotlight blog series, I’ve introduced you to Deborah and Mell, two amazing women who make up part of the Empire team. Today, I’m delighted to feature Cole Boyer, who recently was named Employee of the...

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  • February 27, 2024

    Meet Deb Michrina, Empire Home Center’s Newest Interior Designer!

    Welcome back! We're thrilled to be back in action for 2024 with fresh content just for you.

    As we welcome Spring and the annual urge to refresh our homes, Empire Home Center is here to help. Meet our newest team member, Deb Michrina, a seasoned interior designer joining us this March.

    Deb's journey from home management to interior design is a testament to her passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces. With her keen eye for detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, Deb is excited to bring her expertise to Empire Home Center.

    Looking for an interior designer? Deb advises finding someone who understands your vision and respects your preferences. Trust your instincts and choose a designer who prioritizes your satisfaction.

    Join us in welcoming Deb to the team as we embark on this exciting new chapter together!

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  • November 30, 2023

    A Heartfelt Plea to Consumers: Shop Small this Holiday Season

    In the swift passage of 2023, Small Business Saturday holds my heart. Support local businesses this holiday—your purchase goes beyond transactions, funding dreams like piano lessons. Even if you can't buy, a simple like or share on social media makes a significant impact. Small businesses offer real-time, personalized experiences, unlike big-box stores. Let's make this season about more than just shopping; let's be part of Christmas miracles for the real families behind the "We're Open!" signs.
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  • July 21, 2023

    Empire Home Center: Cost-Effective Ways to Decorate Your Home

    When you look around your home, do you ever feel like you have fallen into a decorating rut? Perhaps you feel that your décor looks a bit dated, and you want to update your interior without delving into anything too “trendy”; any type of design that might not stand the test of time (looking at you, orange-and-olive green kitchens from the 60s!). If that is the case, Empire Home Center is here to help!
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  • April 6, 2023

    Empire Home Center: Where Style and Design Meets Functionality

    Welcome to Empire Home Center’s official blog! My name is Emily Kenniston (Mrs. Pennsylvania Continental Worldwide), and I’m honored to be the official spokesmodel and writer-of-all-trades for the business.

                If you aren’t familiar with Empire Home Center, allow me to give you a bit of background. A family business founded in Reading in 1955, Empire has been a cornerstone of the home renovation and design field for decades, and has won multiple awards. Empire now has two locations (Leesport and West Reading), and has been under the ownership of husband-and-wife team Harry and Melinda O’Neill since 2019.

                This blog will focus on all things about the home, every step of the way from renovations to decorations. I will be examining the latest trends in functional and fashionable home design, as well as highlighting the many amazing employees that call Empire an extension of their homes and families. Part of the reason that Empire has been such a valuable Berks County small business is because of the company’s commitment to five core values, which I will highlight below (spoiler alert: the forthcoming “Employee Spotlight” series will be highlighting how each Empire employee displays their commitment to these values through their work).

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